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Major regulatory developments and changes happened in the risk assessment on bees. New laboratory testing (lower tier) and higher tier studies for bees combined with complex and sophisticated risk assessment procedures will become a standard requirement for dossier submission of agrochemical and biocidal products.

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Recent regulatory developments are above all based on the New EFSA Guidance document on the risk assessment of plant protection products on bees (2013).

Our bee expert team has extensive and long-term experience in risk assessment, monitoring and conducting of studies with bees either under laboratory-, semi-field- or field-conditions. In cooperation with the University of Landau we actively participate in international working groups (ring-tests) like OECD and ICPBR and are member of the AG Bienenschutz.

Your benefit

  • Quality improvement of studies and reporting
  • Professional study monitoring
  • Supervision of study design and conduct
  • Optimisation of data analysis, including timely updates
  • Efficient and customized reporting
  • Uniform reporting design
  • Timely reporting
  • Critical and sound data interpretation

Our bee services

  • Strategic planning of honey bee trials for product submission
  • Planning, monitoring and reporting of regulatory studies under GLP
  • Acute and chronic toxicity test with honey bees and bumble bees
  • Acute and chronic toxicity test with honey bee larvae
  • Aged residue-, brood-, semi-field- and field-tests
  • Validity check of old bee studies based on most recent guidelines
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