Dietary Safety

Dietary safety is a very important consideration during the assessment of agrochemicals. In order to avoid undesirable effects on food quality and problems for consumers, a variety of different studies are performed to investigate the stability of substances and their residues in crops and farm animals.

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Analytical methods for detecting residues in different matrices are also developed. These studies are run according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Dietary Risk Assessment

The data generated in these studies allow representative values for residue levels in food commodities to be determined, and Maximum Residues Levels (MRLs) to be set. These residues data provide the basis for a dietary risk assessment, through which a substance can be characterized with regard to food safety

Our services with regard to dietary safety

  • Analysis and evaluation of the available data: Check-of-Completeness, strategic advice, support in determining the registerability of substances
  • Management and monitoring of the relevant GLP studies, from support in choosing contractors, through study planning, to the creation and checking of study reports
    • Analytical methods for detecting residues in crops, animals, soil, water or air
    • Storage stability
    • Residues in crops and foods processed from them
    • Rotational crop residues
    • Feeding studies
  • Dossier compilation – the Analytical Methods and Residues sections of AII dossier, AIII dossier (dRR), MRL Dossiers, JMPR (CODEX) dossiers and Import Tolerance dossiers
    • Create study summaries and evaluations for all types of study
    • MRL-calculation
    • Animal dietary burden assessment
    • Dietary risk assessment
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