Exposure Assessment

Exposure assessments for chemical substances are based on estimating risks for living organisms and the environment. Within the framework of an application for registration of an agrochemical, models are used to obtain an estimate of the amount of substance that will enter the environment (PEC).

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Substance concentrations are calculated for soil (PECsoil), groundwater (PECgw), surface water (PECsw) and seldomly for air (PECair). Here, various approaches must be considered, including those applied at EU-level (e.g. FOCUS, EFSA), at individual Member State level, as well as those used by regulatory authorities outside the EU.

Higher-tier modelling studies / GIS

Higher-tier modelling studies and spatial approaches based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) strengthen PEC-calculations by making them more relevant to actual, realistic scenarios and might increase the registration of substances.

Our services with regard to exposure assessment

  • PEC-calculations for EU und non-EU countries
  • Standard and higher-tier modelling studies
  • Use of all established models according to FOCUS and EFSA
  • Use and adaptation of non-standard models
  • Research, compilation and preparation of spatial data using GIS
  • Application of spatial data for realistic higher-tier studies during the registration process
  • Compilation of AII and AIII dossiers, section 5
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