The successful registration of a substance as a pesticide is preceded by a complex process of submission and evaluation. This process is led and coordinated by the central Registration Department, which compiles all of the relevant data into a regulatory dossier. 

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The aim is to achieve positive listing for a chemical as an approved active substance and registrations to allow various products containing it to be used.

Regulatory requirements differ between countries and regions, and achieving registrations requires access to expert knowledge of the various stipulations, e.g. in the European Union, the USA or South-East Asia. The catalogue of data requirements continues to develop, and changes must be incorporated into ongoing projects.

Our services with regard to substance registration

  • Project management
  • Data analysis, Check-of-Completeness
  • Identification of data gaps
  • Preliminary risk assessments
  • Strategic advice and recommendations regarding the registerability of substances and products
  • Development and implementation of a registration strategy
  • Study management and quality control
  • Dossier compilation
  • Annex II/Annex III dossiers according to EU Regulation 1107/2009/EEC
  • Registration dossiers for regions beyond the EU
  • CODEX/JMPR dossiers
  • Import Tolerance dossiers
  • MRL dossiers
  • Handling of various dossier formats (e.g. OECD, dRR)
  • Creation of individual dossier parts or self-contained documents (e.g. risk assessments)
  • CADDY dossiers, printing services, shipping
  • Literature researches and evaluations in the context of Reg. 1107/2009/EEC
  • Support for obtaining your registration
  • Close contact with national and EU authorities
  • Pre- und post-submission supportsubstance registratio
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