Environmental Fate

Among the prerequisites for obtaining approval for a biocidal active substance or product (active ingredient plus environmentally-relevant co-formulants) under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) (EU) No 528/2012 is evidence of safety for the environment. Different environmental compartments are taken into account: waste-water treatment plants, surface waters including sediments, groundwater, soil and air.

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Using data for the active substance, co-formulants (formulation materials) and products, potential emissions into environmental compartments are calculated, based on defined environmental scenarios. Models are used that are also applicable to the approval process for pesticides (e.g. FOCUS PEARL for calculating groundwater concentrations). In addition, it is important to take specific national and regional environmental factors (e.g. climate and soil types) into account during the risk assessment.

Our services with regard to environmental fate

  • Analysis and evaluation of the available environmental fate data
  • Preliminary risk assessment towards identifying potential problem areas
  • Preliminary risk assessment leading to planning of testing and analysis strategies
  • Preliminary risk assessment serving as a basis for adjustments to the product’s use pattern
  • Management and monitoring of environmental studies
  • Environmental risk assessments for all product types
  • Standard and higher-tier modelling
  • Report-writing and dossier compilation in IUCLID 6
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