The use of agrochemicals like pesticides, is an essential element of agriculture. Rapid, successful registration of products is also a major determinant of their commercial success. We can offer you the complete service you need in order to achieve registrations for your substance world-wide, from a preliminary evaluation and strategic planning, through to the final documents and the necessary contacts with authorities.

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Benefit from our experience

Our strength lies in the broad spectrum of services we offer. We can carry out the complete submission process for you, from the GLP report to the finished dossier, along with the accompanying steps needed before, during and after the regulatory evaluation.

We can draw upon a rich fund of experience in all these areas. Within the last 18 months, the Agrochemicals Business Unit alone has prepared more than 130 core dossiers and national addenda, performed more than 400 risk assessments and compiled 16 full dRRs. We also prepared 4 AIR dossier submissions and currently we are generating a couple of AIR 3 dossiers. 

Our services with regard to agrochemicals

  • Registration services and project management worldwide
  • Preparation and compilation of registration dossiers
  • Analysis and preliminary assessment of available data including Check of Completeness
  • Strategic consultancy, registration recommendations
  • Management and monitoring of relevant studies
  • Identity and physico-chemical parameters
  • Metabolism
  • Toxicology and human exposure
  • Food safety, dietary risk assessment and residues
  • Environmental behaviour (E-fate)
  • Modelling / exposure assessment (GIS)
  • Ecotoxicology assessments, incl. higher tier risk assessments
  • Efficacy studies / Biological Assessment Dossiers
  • Registration of Biopesticides
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