Environmental Risk Assessment for Plant Protection Products 2017: Scientific Basis for the Best Trigger

Experts in the field of environmental fate and behaviour, ecotoxicology and risk assessments will examine, in detail, the basis and consequences of existing ‘triggers’ as a key component of tiered environmental risk assessment schemes.

Participants will have the opportunity to look at environmental exposure elements with topics including thresholds for metabolites in environmental fate studies and groundwater, the consequences, practicalities and alternatives, which will also cover PBT assessments. Further topics include the discussion of risk assessments on birds and mammals along with aquatic compartments - chances and limitations SSD, pulse-dose and Mesocosm study approaches as tools to reduce the safety factors for aquatic risk assessments and whether the triggers are correctly set. EFSAs opinions on Soil Organisms and NTAs will also be addressed and will cover the scientific basis of challenging the current trigger values.

The event is chaired by Dr. Gavin Lewis (JSCi) and the latest confirmed speakers include Chris Leake (Bayer), Bruce Callow (TSGE Consulting), Dr. Juan Pascal (BASF), Mick Hamer (Syngenta) and Helen Sneath (CRD).

In addition to a series of presentations, there will be a pre-event workshop on Tuesday 21 March on “How to interpret effect-based field studies”. This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Marco Candolfi (Eurofins Agroscience Services) and Dr. Frank Bakker (Eurofins MITOX).

22 March 2017
Harpenden, United Kingdom