Our team of experienced ecotoxicologist, ecologists and environmental chemists can provide you with the support you need to produce ecotoxicological assessments for chemicals in the framework of the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACh).

Our services with regard to ecotoxicology

  • Identifying the exact data requirements (as determined by the amount of chemical produced or imported) under REACh and other programs, both within and outside the EU
  • Evaluating and summarizing ecotoxicology and environmental fate studies.
  • Capturing studies in the prescribed databases (from IUCLID 6)
  • Identifying data gaps
  • Developing read-across strategies and preparing the documents needed to justify the strategy during registration
  • Grouping substances into categories and preparing the documents needed to justify the categories during registration
  • Closing data gaps using recognised QSAR methodology, including the preparation of documents to demonstrate the reliability of the calculations.
  • Assessing chemicals’ potential risk to aquatic and terrestrial organisms
  • Deriving the so-called predicted no-effect concentration (PNEC)
  • Estimating exposure to industrial chemicals using conventional modelling tools (EUSES, Chesar, ECETOC TRA)
  • Drafting the ecotoxicology sections of exposure scenarios based on the operating conditions and risk-reduction measures established in your plant
  • Risk assessments based on comparing the hazard with the potential concentrations in the environment, as indicated by modelling
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