China approved the new draft pesticide regulations

22 February, 2017

The State Council of China reviewed and approved the regulations on pesticide administration (revised draft). The revised regulation will be finalized by the Ministry of Agriculture of China (MoA) and officially released soon. This revision makes significant changes on pesticides management and registration systems, as well as various administrative measures in China. Pesticide distributors and manufacturers would be licensed through the policy, the manufacturers and distributors would be responsible for the safety issues of pesticide products. Those manufacturing and selling fake pesticides would be subject to high penalties. Other proposed changes include the phase out of temporary registrations; documents submitted to support a registration will become transferrable between applicants while the transfer of registration certificates is still prohibited. and etc. MoA is working intensively on the adaptation of the related support regulations, including the administration procedures for pesticide registration; the administrative measures for the licensing of pesticides operations and pesticides productions; testing of pesticide for the registration and the data requirements for pesticide registration.

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