A Consultant's View on Union Authorisation for Biocidal Product Families

27 July, 2018

Recently two of knoell experts in the area of Toxicology, Human Exposure and Human Health Risk Assessment, Lorena González and Dr. Michael Werner, published an article in ChemicalWatch summarising their experiences with Union Authorisations (UA) of Biocidal Product Families (BPF) for disinfectant active substances.

The experts give their view on their experiences over the last years, the latest developments and stumbling blocks on the way to a successful union authorisation of complex Biocidal Product Families, highlighting the importance of an appropriate definition of the meta-SPCs within the family. Key parameters to success are lying in the discrimination between different meta-SPCs by defining lower and upper bounds covering products with identical Classification and Labelling (C&L) and the intended uses and label claims.

For further information please go to https://chemicalwatch.com/biocideshub/68904?pa=true or get in touch with our Biocide experts.

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