India published the Minutes of 389th Meeting of Registration Committee (RC)

India Agrochemicals Crop Protection Insecticides
2 July, 2018

The Indian Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC) published the minutes of 389th meeting of registration committee (RC) held on 13th June 2018 and 15th June 2018.

Committee deliberated the minutes of 388th meeting of registration committee and confirmed with minor correction in the following Agenda Items:Agenda Item No. 4.1.5 (list under section 9(3) Export applications) approved with the following conditions to be incorporate in the certificate of registration issued under the fast track category:

  • Validity of the certificate will be one year from the date of issue.
  • The quantity of the product shall be mentioned in the certificate of registration as per the export order.
  • Applicant after the dispatch of the material, shall submit an affidavit that all the material has been exported to the concerned Agency/Firm.
  • The applicant shall submit an affidavit that in the event of cancellation of export order, the product covered under the certificate of registration shall be disposed of in an environment friendly manner and no part thereof shall be sold in the Indian market.

Furthermore, the committee also report on framing the guidelines for registration of TIM (by the original registrant under Formulation Import (FI) category with additional manufacturing site in India.  Guideline is available in Annexure 3.5.1 of the minutes of 389th RC meeting.

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