Life CONCERT REACH - a network of in silico models

30 January, 2020

LIFE CONCERT REACH is a four-year EU-funded research project. It aims to develop a new freely accessible network of in silico models, including both QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship) and automated read-across tools, used to evaluate a chemical substance’s properties based on the experimental values available for similar substances. The project – Concerting experimental data and in silico models for REACH – began in 2018 and will create a network allowing access to more than 300 such models. The network will link existing and well-known platforms, and new models will developed and integrated as well. The network will potentially cover all environmental and (eco)toxicological properties required within the framework of the REACH Regulation. It holds the possibility of enabling applicants to address all REACH relevant endpoints.



Download a copy or contact the author: Dr Rodolfo Gonella Diaza, knoell Germany GmbH