Taiwan - Annual reporting obligation for industrial chemicals implemented

4 May, 2020

The last amendment of Taiwan’s Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act (TCCSCA) implemented an annual reporting obligation for all importers and manufactures of industrial chemicals in Taiwan. Annual reporting applies to all approved new substances, all existing substances exceeding 100kg/year and those existing substances voluntarily Phase-I registered (below 100kg/year). Existing substances exceeding 100kg/year require a Late-Phase-I registration in advance and the registration number has to be given in the annual report.

The reporting tool of the Toxic and Chemical Substance Bureau, an Agency of the Taiwanese Environmental Protection Administration, is open for submission each year from 1st April to 30th September. Reporting period is always the previous year. The following information has to be provided each year:

  • Substance name

  • CAS No.

  • Registration number for each substance

  • Volume in the previous year

  • Importer or manufacturer

Non-Taiwanese manufacturers not willing to disclose own product compositions to their Taiwanese client(s) / importer(s) can ask the importer(s) to nominate a Representative who can do the annual reporting on behalf of the importers without disclosing product composition to the importer(s). The reporting has to be done for each importer separately. knoell’s office in Taiwan is providing such a Representative Service.

In addition to annual reporting knoell can support you according to TCCSCA for example by preparing Late-Phase-I registration(s), Priority Existing Chemicals (PEC) registration(s) and new substance registration(s) and submitting them as Representative in Taiwan. For further information and requests, please contact us.

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