Thailand Hazardous Substance Committee Revealed the Progress of Abolishing or Banning the Use of Paraquat, Chlorpyrifos, and Glyphosate

19 September, 2018

On 30th August 2018, the hazardous substance committee of Thailand revealed the conclusion of the meeting to consider the progress of abolishing or banning the use of three pesticides, Paraquat, Chlorpyrifos, and Glyphosate.

These three pesticides cannot be used in areas growing vegetables, herbs and public areas. Zoning will be applied for Paraquat and Glyphosate.

These two pesticides can be used only for six crops which are corn, cassava, sugarcane, rubber, oil palm, and fruits but not for other edible plants. Chlorpyrifos can be used only for fruits (to kill stem borer), flowers, and field crop.

The Department of Agriculture (DOA) will prepare the details and look for replacement pesticides for these three products within three months.

For all importers of the three concerned pesticides, there will be a limit on import quantity including the selling quantity in the country.

The hazardous substance committee proposed the abolition of the use of these three pesticides within one year. However, the complete ban may take 1-2 years to be fully implemented.

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