You are a producer or importer of articles? Get prepared for the SCIP database!

9 October, 2019

From 5 January 2021, suppliers of articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHC) included in the candidate list and at a concentration above 0.1% will have to provide information for these products and their safe use to ECHA’s new SCIP database.

ECHA now published a new document that provides information on the detailed requirements, which include:

  • Information to identify the article
  • Name, concentration range and location of the SVHC in the article
  • Information on the save use

EU producers and assemblers as well as EU importers and distributors will have to provide information in the SCIP database in order to comply with the Waste Framework Directive. Thus, recyclers and other waste operators will be informed about the presence of SVHC in the waste products. In contrast to the notification requirement for SVHC in articles under REACH (Art 7(2)), the obligation to enter data into the SCIP database will be independant of the tonnage of contained SVHC.

2021 is coming much faster than you think, so it is important to get prepared for the SCIP database!

knoell can help article suppliers to stay informed about future SCIP developments and also offers support to companies who want to know whether their product portfolio is affected by the new requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or a compliance assessment of your portfolio!

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